Logo Design Kronos Shipping, Inc.

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Kronos Shipping new logo for Kronos Shipping, Inc. kronosint.com.

Kronos Shipping, Inc. is an international shipping company located downtown Chicago. Their business include importing / exporting, moving international.

Designed their new logo. Also designed their new Business Cards, you can see the design here. We also designed other promotional material, like pen, calendar, magazine ad and their TV spot.

Also worked on Web Marketing, SEM, SEO and Social Networking, while managed Google Analytics, Google Web Master Tools and Google Adwords. Worked on improving sales conversion rate.

Also worked on their website's:

  • Performance Optimization, making it load very fast
  • Mobile Optimization, improving the mobile devices browsing experience
  • Content Optimization, improving the readability for the visitors and the search engines
  • Web Technology Standards, keeping it up to date with all new web technologies
  • Link building, making it known to a wide audience
  • AdWords campaigns, improving visitors
  • Analytics, providing useful information about the visitors and help fixing problems
  • Sales Conversion, helping turning the visitor to a customer

More information and specifics are available by contacting us.

Here is a testimonial by the customer:

i-seo.us are very professional in what they are doing. I would recommend them blindfolded . Nice persons to work with, very knowledgeable and honest. Nick Mourikis, Kronos Shipping, Inc. President

Questions, comments and quotes are always welcome. Please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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